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Global Designer Spotlight: Atalier Minyon from New York City

Great Horned Owl Necklace

Great Horned Owl Necklace



Jewellery designer Alp Sagnak of Atelier Minyon takes inspiration from his Turkish heritage while creating truly haute styles for the fearless.


By: Marina Radovanovic

Toronto, Canada


Based in the bustling hub of Soho, New York City is a unique jewellery designer who inspires and creates such jaw-dropping pieces that we were immediately compelled to share its stylish beauty with our international readers.


Atelier Minyon headed by creator,  Alp Sagnak leaves any and all inhibitions by the wayside when creating these one-of-a-kind pieces. Atelier Minyon entails a little of “old world” taste and “new world” style!  An anomaly of history meets modern day life!


Alp Sagnak

Alp Sagnak


The luxuries and opulence that Sagnak derives from his home country – Turkey, is a source of the lavish items he manifests. With that in mind, he combines contemporary styles and needs and includes historical touches in his designs.

So we had a chat with Sagnak who shares with us, his philosophy behind his simply gorgeous designs!


Fruit Bat Necklace

Fruit Bat Necklace



What was the inspiration behind the creation of such exquisite and original pieces of jewellery?

I have a need to make people like me, it’s my ego, and I want people to like my jewellery. I design jewellery that I want to sell and that I think customers will like.


In addition to your fine collection of jewellery, do you take custom orders from clients?

Yes, we do a lot of customer orders. Customers come to us for the “impossible”. Some of most of my wildest creations are custom orders. The designs come from a mix of what the customers are looking for and my interpretation of that.


When you are creating your masterpieces, where do you find and derive inspiration from, example: certain locations, etc.?

I really like Gothic architecture and Ottoman architecture and mixing these styles together, so sometimes a lot of the designs come from there.



Impala Cuff

Impala Cuff


Your brilliant jewellery has a unique blend of traditional and exotic, contemporary pieces. Was this your main objective when establishing your business?

It’s all back to the ego. I believe that we all have two sides, or two egos; good and bad, positive and negative, etc. depending on the day or your mood. In New York, especially, you have to realize this and grab on to your egos as to not get lost in the flow of the every day life.


Do you envision expanding your beautiful collection to include various other accessories?

These types of possibilities come from our customers’ requests. We have already done bags, furniture, watches…all because of what the customer wants. We are given a lot of ideas and we often times run with them and will continue to do so.


Piranha Ring

Piranha Ring


What is the staple, or shall I say signature of your collection that makes it immediately recognized as Atelier Minyon’s masterpiece creation?

Probably our skull designs. Our skulls have no boundaries when it comes to the type of customer is buying one of our skulls. And, every customer that does purchase a skull from us has their own unique and powerful reason for buying it. Customers are not buying them to be trendy, and I think this makes our skulls even stronger, for that reason. To me, skulls represent life, not death, and I make this very clear to each person I share my skull designs with.



Grenade Skull Ring

Grenade Skull Ring


Is there a particular designer or even an era that gives you such marvellous inspiration for your collection?

I can say there are a couple of designers I really admire. Sevan Bicakci is out of this world. This guy is making us push harder in the US market because I feel he is always ahead of us in the jewellery world. There is a designer in London, Ann Stokes, she is not a jeweller but an artist and I look to her designs a lot, too.


Your amazing collection is available globally I noticed! Is there a possibility that your collection will be sold in Canada in the near future? If so, where would the location be?

I would be honoured to know I have a Canadian following and to sell our jewellery in Canada. We like strong retailers who appreciate our jewellery designs and that is the retailer we would like to work with.


Rose Gold Spider Ring

Rose Gold Spider Ring


What types of materials do you use for your creations? Is there a certain material you like to work with more often?

First of all, creation is a bold word. Only God can create, we can only make. So to answer this question, I like to make jewellery with dark, oxidized silver and contrast it with bright, yellow Turkish gold. I tend to use rubies a lot but I am trying to branch out and use more colors. I like to think that I am always changing, at least a little bit.


Do you find that your jewellery entices all age groups?

Our jewellery is appropriate for the self confident person, of any age.



To see the amazing collection of historic opulence, gothic and architecturally inspired jewellery collection please visit the website: www.atelierminyon.com 



Photography courtesy of Atelier Minyon



*Marina is a successful author, a history buff and adores classic literature. This Torontonian relishes in the  exploration of  unchartered fashion routes to discover talent that should be noted by everyone. 







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