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Global Designer Spotlight: Recycle Runway from New Mexico



Recycle Runway Collection's Junk Mail Fan Dress (left) and Eco-Flamenco Dress (right)

Recycle Runway Collection's Junk Mail Fan Dress (left) and Eco-Flamenco Dress (right)


Multitasking designer from New Mexico brings recycle into haute couture.


By: Deniss Zelenkov

Riga, Latvia


She is a public artist, an environmental educator, professional motivational speaker, and above all, fashion designer Nancy Judd (New Mexico) who strives to change the way we live on the earth through eco-couture fashion designs made from nothing but trash, from recycled materials like used soda cans, junk mail or old video and cassette tapes! Introducing her Recycled Runway Collection!



Nancy Judd and her Recycle Runway Collection

Nancy Judd and her Recycle Runway Collection



Ms. Judd combines art, fashion and recycled materials in order to raise the environmental consciousness of the public in a positive way, and truthfully, the best way to capture people’s attention is to install traveling exhibitions (eco-events) in high traffic locations such as museums, local shopping malls and airports.



Nancy's Recycle Runway Collection in full display at the Phoenix Airport

Nancy's Recycle Runway Collection in full display at the Phoenix Airport



(RRC) Recycle Runway Collection has already received wide international print and media coverage. Front page of the Wall Street Journal, plus CNN living – quite an achievement.


The purpose of the Recycle Runway garments is to inspire people to consider the environment in their daily choices at workplace, home, school, university, and in all their community activities and to look differently at waste.


Sometimes, even garbage turns gorgeous!


Re-visoning Erté – Aluminum Chic



"Re-invisioning Erté" dress is made from aluminum cans


Incredibly romantic dress made from silk scraps and aluminum cans. Can you believe that? This dress created in 2012, stands only 33 inches tall and was fully completed in 100 hours.


N.J If you are not familiar with Erté, he was a Russian-born French artist who created very whimsical designs, most notably during the art-deco period. You may have seen his illustrations in old Harper’s Bazaar magazines — I have always been inspired by his fanciful creativity!


Erté dress

"Re-invisioning Erté"



After years of working with materials like shower curtains and convertible soft-tops, I yearned to work with natural fibers that flow and drape. While working on Re-visioning Erté I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the silky material on my fingers and the lovely subtle colors.



Crime Scene – Flirting with Danger



"Crime Scene" dress

"Crime Scene" dress created from table cloths and police tape



This is the most radical and thought-provoking N.J’s dress so far! Smells like trouble?


De Palma’s risky erotic thriller “Dressed to Kill” from the 80’s, starring Angie Dickinson mixed up with Lady Gaga’s electro pop “Telephone” video clip conjure up in my mind when I see THIS!


Striking “warning dress” was actually made from police caution tape (across the west), and from torn table cloths (the cover.) Almost 50 hours to create.



"Crime Scene"

"Crime Scene"



N.J:  THIS did not end up being a fun dress. But like many of my pieces it is deceptive. From afar people may find it to be an appealing design, and only upon closer inspection they will discover some of the deeper meanings. Don’t let your body be a crime scene! Reduce your families exposure to toxins by eating organic food; eliminating pesticides, chemical cleaners and air fresheners from home and work; and “air out” new carpets, painted rooms, furnishings, and anything else with that “new smell” before indoor use.


Eco-Flamenco – Uncompromising Excellence




"Eco-Flamenco" created from parachute scraps, cereal boxes and recycled paint



With 5,000 people and only one passion project = “Eco-Flamenco.” Evidently, fashion can become one of the biggest motivations.


N.J:  Cereal boxes painted with recycled paint have been transformed into cascades of ruffles that contain thousands of eco-pledges — commitments of actions that people will take to help the environment. The ruffles cover a dress made from parachute scraps.



The creation of the "Eco-Flamenco" dress

The creation of the "Eco-Flamenco" dress


The dramatic dress took 650 hours to create and was completed in 2011.


Couture Plastique – Prom “Oscar Gown”


Couture Plastique dress created from plastic film and recycled bottles

"Couture Plastique" ball gown was created in 2006 from plastic film and several bottles



N.J:   Plastic bottles are recycled into Eco-spun, the fabric in this gown. The stole is knit from used clear plastic bags and lined with fabric from a second-hand white satin prom dress. This Oscar winner for the best use of plastic film took 225 hours to create.



Junk Mail Fan Dress – Spanish Spirit


Junk Mail Fan Dress created with..you guessed it! Junk mail!

Junk Mail Fan Dress created with..you guessed it! Junk mail!



More than 4 million tons of junk mail are produced yearly. Over 50 percent of this unsolicited mail ends up in landfills annually.


Ms. Judd delivers an important environmental message to the world of today by creating this outfit, where originality meets functionality. Cheeky Junk Mail Fan Dress (2000), – it’s a brilliant example how to recycle your unwanted mail (from catalogues, solicitations, to newspaper ads) However, the whole process takes no less than 200 hours!


"Junk Mail Fan" Dress

"Junk Mail Fan" Dress



N.J:  Useless correspondents were transformed into fans, as well as origami peacocks and then sewn onto the Spanish style dress.  The skirt and bodice were constructed from canvas scraps.  The thrift store shoes were covered with used postage stamps.



The fabulous detail to the "Junk Mail Fan" dress

The fabulous detail to the "Junk Mail Fan" dress



During this time Nancy Judd has been travelling through the US giving over 30 recycled fashion shows and youth presentations.


Visit her website http://recyclerunway.com/, or @RecycleRunway on Twitter.



Photography courtesy of RecycleRunway.com



*Deniss is a freelance writer, and a blogger from Northern Europe. Since 2010, Deniss has been a member of The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors. He has an eccentric curiosity for almost everything and is keen on traveling long distances, delving in social media solutions and languages. Deniss is a self-proclaimed 100% fashion geek. He also writes  for The Social ExpatFashionising.com and  Independent Fashion Bloggers . You can also follow Deniss at Twitter , and Google+ . 







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