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Global Designer Spotlight: Isabella Rose Taylor from Austin,Texas




Isabella Rose Taylor designs on the ramps of Austin Fashion Week

Isabella Rose Taylor designs on the ramps of Austin Fashion Week



Bright young thing.



By: Marina Radovanovic

Toronto, Canada



A young and talented sensation has sprung in Austin, Texas and is gaining considerable recognition, not only for her brilliant paintings that were featured at the 02 Gallery in Austin and Kristy Stubbs Gallery in Dallas, but her writing as well. All these talents led designer, Isabella Rose Taylor, who at the age of 12,  begin her own signature fashion line!


Recently,  Taylor’s summer fashion line was presented on the runway at the 5th Annual Austin Fashion Awards part of Austin Fashion Week, where Taylor was named as one of the show’s “Rising Stars”!


With her busy schedule and all of her accolades at hand I had a chance to sit down and chat with this budding young designer.




Designer, Isabella Rose Taylor

Designer, Isabella Rose Taylor



I understand that you paint and also write poetry! Do you feel that these talents largely impact your clothing designs?


I find that my painting and poetry do impact my clothing designs. Currently I am exploring layering in my paintings which has translated to my latest Fall collection which is incorporating layered pieces. When I think about layering I am also considering the idea that we as individuals have many layers. I feel that my creative endeavors in one way or another are connected.



What motivated you to start your beautiful fashion collection for tweens?


I was motivated to start my fashion collection after experimenting with mixed media in my art work. I was working with fabrics and different textures. I wanted to learn how to sew so I had my parents sign my up for a sewing camp about 4 years ago. After the sewing camp, I made my first collection and have been designing ever since.



Isabella Rose Taylor designs on the ramps of Austin Fashion Week

Isabella Rose Taylor designs on the ramps of Austin Fashion Week



Is your collection exclusively for tweens, and do you have plans to create a fashion line for teens in the future?


Currently my collection includes tweens and early teens, up to size 14. I am definitely going to expand and create a fashion line for older teens in the future and continue to grow my brand along with me.



It’s truly astonishing and amazing that you have accomplished many awe-inspiring creations such as paintings and writing, and now fashion design! Do you designate your time to each of these talents or does it flow from one to the other?


I do not designate a specific time for creating things. They definitely flow from one to the other and sometimes I do not even realize it. Several years ago I was doing a portraiture series with very bold colors which influenced my Resort collection subconsciously. When I was choosing the fabrics for the Resort collection, I noticed they were the same colors I had used in my paintings.



Do you have any advice for tween designers?


My advice to other tween designers is to work really hard at what they love to do.  You will need to put in the time and hard work to achieve your dreams but it will be worth it. It is incredible to see your dreams come to life. It will take blood, sweat and glitter.



Is it difficult to manage school and all the creative work for designing your collection?


I try to keep a balance of school work, painting and designing clothes. Much of what I do compliments each other.



Your parents must be exceptionally proud of you! Do you feel that their strong support enables you to focus and conquer all of your tasks and ambitions?



I feel grateful that my parents support my passion and provide me with a lot of opportunities however it really takes dedication and hard work. I believe that anybody with a dream can reach that dream.  I have a great example of that as my father is completely self-made.




Isabella Rose Taylor designs on the ramps of Austin Fashion Week

Isabella Rose Taylor designs on the ramps of Austin Fashion Week



Will your wonderful collection be exhibited at any upcoming events, and do you envision your line being available for purchase at stores in the future?


Currently my fashion line is available on my website:  www.isabellarosetaylor.com but I hope to expand into retail in the future.


Be sure to check out the marvelous fashion line by visiting Isabella Rose Taylor’s website: www.isabellarosetaylor.com for more information on her current and upcoming collections!



Photography courtesy of Isabella Rose Taylor

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