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Global Designer Spotlight: DRESSEDUNDRESSED from Tokyo, Japan


DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013-14

DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013-14


Inspiration redux. 


By: Hina P. Ansari



When the chief editor of Vogue Italia nominates your label for the prestigious International Woolmark Prize, you know are you doing something right.  That was the case of designer Mr. Kitazawa. Hailing from Aomori, in northern Japan he always had an eye for fashion. His formal introduction to the Japanese fashion world started when he owned a vintage store. He made his mark in the retail space and continued on to become involved in that world with his role of opening director and  buyer for the select store called “CANDY”.


Kitazawa taught himself the world of cut and design and he, along with Ms. Sato are the co-designer of one of Japan’s edgier fashion houses, Tokyo-based, DRESSEDUNDRESSED.


Fresh from showing their Fall/Winter 2013-14 collection at Tokyo Fashion Week; Mr. Kitazawa took time out of his hectic schedule to talk to us about the Japanese fashion scene and the random beauty of inspirations.



Designers of DRESSEDUNDRESSED, Ms. Sato & Mr. Kitazawa

Designers of DRESSEDUNDRESSED, Ms. Sato & Mr. Kitazawa



Who inspired you when you were just starting out?


I cannot really pick any specific one. I get inspirations from all sorts of genre, such as street culture in Tokyo, the underground scene, friends around me, films, music, and art… etc.



Who inspires you now? (note I can be a fellow designer, film star, movie, people on the street, art work etc).


Same answer as above. Though, it transform into another things every single day.



Has your sources of inspiration changed in any way?




DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013-14

DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013-14



What part of the day best inspires you?


I like thinking in my head constant rather.

The inspiration would appear when there are multiple things met among those of which were in my head throughout the day and physical affections or conversations.

It happens randomly during the day and would not happen so often.



From where do you gather your inspiration?


In my case, the inspirations occur randomly. Therefore, it is difficult to define where I gather my inspiration… though the idea of combining hoodies and outer wears together for the collection came up from the time when I went out to the convenient store late at night, wearing sweat pajama hoodie and putting on my trench coat.



What is the story board/inspiration behind your latest collection for Autumn/Winter 2013?


The theme of this season is “THE HUNGER”.

It is the 1983 movie featuring David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve.

I was inspired by the two sided characters of the vampire, classical music and modern gothic images by this movie.



How does it feel to be nominated by chief editor of Vogue Italia for the prestigious International Woolmark prize? 


When Ms. Franca Sozzani had nominated us, she gave us confidence and at the same time we felt the strong pressure from the high expectations as being of our brand.

We had also felt it leads to our confidences through exploring the fabrication of wool, which is one of our strongest points for our collection.



DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013-14

DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013-14



The detailing of your collection including what I see as a kamarband inspired belt, and the punches of orange is riveting. Please expand on this specific design detail.


We combined the classical element of the kamarband and the fetish element from the post-punk into making our belt.

We add strong elements with some edge twist into classical and elegant elements.

In addition, we had coordinated a big short sleeve biker jacket with traditional silhouette of Japanese kimono.



How do you unwind?


I am certainly not good at unwinding.

I am basically all about my collection in my head all the time.

I truly feel that I work for what I love.

Even when I listen to music or watching movies for my own relaxing purpose, they all somehow link to the idea for my collection.

Although, my partner do not prefer how I do.



What makes the fashion scene in Tokyo so unique?


In Tokyo, the amount of the store is on the top class in world wide.

They are from the vintage stores, fast fashions, to designers.

We express our own originalities by those choices of clothing by this environment.

I felt that unique of layering and styling by the youth culture that we might would call as street fashion.



How does (if it does) the Tokyo fashion consumer differ from other consumers?


We have four seasons a year.

It refers as to change clothing as the seasonal changes.

It also refers as to enjoy changing fabrications and styling.



What makes the Tokyo woman/man unique?


I feel more and more females becoming independent and gaining confidences.

On the other hand, there are more males feel free to express the recognition of beauty.

We are currently in the middle of the progress in undifferentiating the gender.

I even feel the undifferentiated gender in physical structure.

It however, matches with our brand concept.

The expressions and styling from this undifferentiating of the gender is unique, I think.



DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013-14

DRESSEDUNDRESSED Fall/Winter 2013-14



What are the challenges of the Tokyo fashion scene?


There are a lot of new designers enter into Tokyo Fashion Week.

We feel as one of those new designers, our responsibility is to address the brand new image of Tokyo.


How does social media play a part in your overall branding?


I would say magazines are the most, though increases in opportunities open up more by the growth of internet and social networking services throughout world.

I personally do approach [branding] by using the social networks.



What advice would you give to up-and-coming designers and design students who are interested in following this career path?


Do not [be] afraid of challeng[es].

Follow whatever you like or are interested in.

Try on [a] variety of garments.



What is the best advice you’ve received and still treasure today?


There [was] an old lady at the  intersection, [she] grabbed my shoulder told me,

“You will be successful some day! Keep it up the good work!”



You can connect with the designer in the following ways:


News : http://dressedundressed.com/news/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dressedundressed.official    



Runway photography courtesy of Tokyo Fashion Week

Designers photo courtesy of DRESSEDUNDRESSED





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