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Global Designer Spotlight: Berlin


Jasmine the Strange

Jasmin the Strange




Jasmin the Strange tops it all off with style. 

By: Triston

Berlin, Germany


Jasmin Reuter has a head for fashion.


As a hat designer, Jasmin’s creations are all unique, made with exceptional skill, care, and love. If you are in one of her designs — brilliantly called Jasmin the Strange — you know that you are wearing something that is one of a kind and totally all your own. One of her special skills is creating new pieces for her clients according to the aesthetic they have in mind. I was able to catch up with her and get her insight on the ever-changing world of fashion and which direction she sees it heading.


Who were your fashion staples growing up? And have your icons changed over the years?


Well, that’s a tough one, really. Of course I was and still am also fascinated by the last real divas such as Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor. They defined a style and grace that has been unmatched since. And I guess music icons were always hugely influential for me as well. The rather dark kind, that is. Take Marylin Manson for example – he is an artist that is still around and kept true to his individuality without being boring and predictable in terms of his appearance. And that must be one of the hardest things to accomplish.


And maybe it’s not too obvious but I love pretty much everything about Tim Burton’s work. He’s my secret standard of good taste, dense atmosphere and visual style. I can take so much from his films and turn it around in my head until inspiration hits me. The outcome doesn’t necessarily have to be dark, it’s more like the first line in a book that I complete from there on.


Jasmin the Strange

Jasmin the Strange



What are they wearing on the streets in Berlin now? Have the hipsters taken over for better or worse?


Depends on how you define hipster. That hipster could be one of the smuggest guy alive while the suit right next to him tries to hide his full body tattoo with his ironed shirt. Also, there will always be people that love to dress exactly like their friends, the guy they met at the subway station or some models out of magazines. There’s nothing really wrong with that but thank god, individuality is still the best style which is luckily very alive throughout the city. There is no general clothing or styling policy but it’s plain to see that spring brought back lots of color and laid-back fashion styles. To sum it up, it’s pretty much everything at the same time.


Jasmine the Strange

Jasmin the Strange



What mainstream artists excite you these days and why?


That’s another tough one. Hmmm, let’s see: I really like the style of Gwen Stefani for instance, because she can be a lady but a rock star too. She’s got so many faces and of course I fell in love with her hair. Then again, Dita von Teese would be an obvious choice.



If you could take one mainstream commercial artist, how would you style him or her?


To be honest, there’s no one in particular I have in mind there as I love each and every piece created for close friends, burlesque performers, musicians and the occasional actor as well. They all have so different styles and preferences which gives me the opportunity to realize highly diverse artworks for each and one of them. So, really, I get inspired by the person in front of me, independent from their status or popularity. It’s a blast to see my creations on the heads of those amazing girls and make them shine even more.



Jasmine the Strange

Jasmin the Strange



What are the absolute essentials one must have in their wardrobe arsenal?


Remember the articles in the Cosmopolitan from Meike Winnemuth who was wearing the same dress everyday for one year just mixed up with different accessories (and of course some special pieces)? Or The Simpsons episode where Marge bought herself one fancy dress and slightly redesigned it for every meeting with this snobbish ladies’ club?


That´s exactly my point. Everybody has basics and a few special pieces in their wardrobe, mixed up with some spectacular accessories you can wear one outfit in so many different ways. There’s really no need for a dressing room full of expensive clothes to shine and attract attention.
So: more accessories, more attention to detail! Be creative, be brave and get something flashy!



What does Berlin offer as a fashion capitol that other cities such as Paris – London – New York do not?


One interesting aspect is that Berlin forgives fashion mistakes – the guy looking ridiculous today might be the trendsetter  tomorrow. There’s no crime against fashion here, it’s the opposite rather. With so many foreign cultures from around the world coming together in this – in comparison – rather cozy city, the styles mix in a wild and yet relaxed manner. If you chose to wear a frog costume on Saturday night, don’t be disappointed if no one notices. The creativity that makes this town buzz also shows in the clothes people are wearing. You can never run out of ideas by this and I love it.


Jasmine the Strange

Jasmin the Strange


How do your other artistic ventures affect your designs?


As you might have already noticed, I´m very inspired by the whole burlesque scene right in the moment, especially from my friend Eden. Being a make-up artist as well it’s just great to create an artistic synthesis— apart from that I have many freaky friends which fuel my creativity a lot. Art always has inspired me — be it music, dance or a good movie. I try to keep my eyes and mind open and see where I go from there. I am really keen on following an overall concept and adapt hair, clothing make-up and accessories to accomplish something stunning and unique.


You can find Jasmin’s design on Etsy, as well as on Facebook.


Photography by Torsten Solin




*Triston is a jet-set performance artist, writer and novelist, living between Istanbul and Berlin. You can check out his thoughts at http://www.myspace.com/triston.



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