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Global Designer Spotlight: Berlin

The designs of Eric Farr II

The designs of Eric Farr II




The Current State of Fashion.

By: Triston

Berlin, Germany



Fresh off the heels of yet another stellar Fashion Week in Berlin, my mission was to find some of Berlin’s top up and coming designers to find out what’s hot on the streets of the world’s most IT city, as well as to find out what drives their passions and what is the future of fashion. In a city that never sleeps and where there is no rest for the wicked, the artistic playground expands with no border in sight, which is just as Berliners prefer it.


From Brooklyn to Berlin, fashion designer Eric Farr II aspires to put his own unique spin on the fashion scene in Berlin and beyond. Whether designing for sets or for artists, his style remains singular and synonymous with high end couture. This is his no holds barred take on the current state of fashion and more.



Who were your fashion staples growing up? And have your icons changed over the years?


My fashion staples were always Bob Mackie, Yves Saint Laurent, Halston, and Armani. Then as I got older, Jean-Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, Rick Owens, Henry Holland, Giles Deacon. I like a lot of expressive designers.



What are Berliners wearing on the streets now? Have the expatriate hipsters taken over for better or worse?


Berliners are pretty practical in their fashion sense. There are a lot of jeans and t-shirts, which are staples all over the world, but with all of the interesting designers here, there isn’t really much fashion on the streets per se. Even when I go out sometimes, it’s a rarity to find that rare bird that is going there with fashion. Berlin is a tough market, but great fashion is here, but for only those that can afford it and are willing to sport it.



Designer Eric Farr II

Designer Eric Farr II


What mainstream artists excites you these days and why?


My favorites are pretty much big names in their own right and they’re all American. Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Basquiat, Damien Hurst and Robert Mappelthorpe. I like how they do such interesting work and sometimes their work influences what I sketch out and finally what I create. Usually I get inspired by the colors that they use and things will spring from there.



If you could take one mainstream commercial artist, how would you style him or her?


As for mainstream music, there are quite a few different artists that get my attention. Some get my attention for their talent, others get my attention because of their look. Katy Perry , Jessie J, and Rihanna all have interesting looks. Adele, Joss Stone, and Ledisi all have amazing vocal talents. If I were styling and artist, I would want to style Mariah Carey, because being a 40 year old woman with two children and dressing like a 12 year old girl is not cute. I would bring her into the current day. I would make her ditch the stripper wear, and focus on classic pieces that shows her youth and spirit, but also shows her adult sexiness.



What are the absolute essentials one must have in their wardrobe arsenal?


The absolute essentials for every man are simple: an amazing shoe that can be dressed up or down (brown or black), a great jean that fits well on the body that also can be dressed up or down (7 For All Mankind has great jeans for this purpose. Levi’s does as well), a great white shirt, because you can never go wrong with a white shirt. Make sure the shirt fits the body because these days they’re cutting the shirts bigger and it looks horrendous!!!! Also, every man should have a great blazer in his closet (brown or black). You must also have at least one suit. If you start with those things, you can spring into other things as well.



What does Berlin offer as a fashion capitol that other cities such as Paris – London – New York, do not?


Berlin offers a bit of a different take on being a fashion capitol, than London, Paris, or New York. In Berlin, it’s only the fashionable people you see during the Fashion Week, whereas in London, Paris, New York, you see the fashionable people all of the time. Each neighborhood in New York has a style, just like each neighborhood in Berlin has a style, but the New York styles are more pronounced because fashion is woven all throughout the city.


A stunning Eric Farr II creation

A stunning Eric Farr II creation



How do your other artistic ventures affect your designs?


My other artistic ventures usually contribute to my designs in some form or fashion, be it color, style, etc. I think every creative form influences another in one way or another. Sometimes it can be just the color of something and I would feel the need to sketch out and create a few pieces in that color. Even the materials used can be an influence, where I may need to try to create something wearable in a material that isn’t very wearable. It’s all in what comes when I start a project.


You can find Eric on Facebook at:  http://facebook.com/eric.farrii


Photography courtesy of Eric Farr II 



*Triston is a jet-set performance artist, writer and novelist, living between Istanbul and Berlin. You can check out his thoughts at http://www.myspace.com/triston.


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