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Global Designer Spotlight: Von Bardonitz from Berlin, Germany


Common Delusions

Common Delusions




In salute to Berlin Fashion Week, we focus on one designer who we feel should be noted. 

By: Morgan Meaker

Berlin, Germany


It’s been just over four years since Nicole Roscher launched her own label and now, with Berlin Fashion Week under her belt,  she is one of the designer’s to look out for. The bright blues and yellows which dominate the AW 11/12 Von Bardonitz collection act as a brave counterpoint to the dark earth tones which fill the streets and pavements of Roscher’s base in Berlin.



Common Delusions


The Collection, entitled Common Delusions, has a concept based around a culture’s collective perception as opposed to an individual’s independent interpretation and it is the tension between these two processes of thought which have apparently inspired this striking collection.


Common Delusions

Common Delusions


The brightly coloured garments, intended to reflect both reflexivity and nature, compose an androgynous figure on both the male and female model. This blurring between genders features heavily in the collection’s look book along with oversized necklines and collars teamed with oversized hair; classic cuts in t-shirts and high waisted trousers but in all designs there is such an array of classy imagination that it is evident there is serious talent here.


 Photography courtesy of Christoph Wehrer / VonBardonitz.net






*Morgan has just graduated from studying English & Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths College, London. She is now based in Berlin, Germany and is writing for various online publications about art, photography, film and fashion. 







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