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Global Designer Spotlight: Accra

Great men's sandals from the Gold Coast Collection

Great men's "K.O.D" sandals from The Gold Coast Collection



MSimps Collection a shining example at how creativity can fashion itself into success. 


By: Francesca Andoh

Accra, Ghana



Mabel Simpson is the founder and creative director behind the budding young brand, mSimps. A tomboy at heart growing up, Mabel took to the art scene at quite an early age. She studied visual arts in Wesley Girls’ High School and went on to major in graphic design at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) for her undergraduate studies.



designer Mabel Simpson

Designer Mabel Simpson


From The Prestige Collection by MSimps

From The Prestige Collection by mSimps


Her passion for fashion did not surface until about two years ago when she decided to channel her love for art into a creative venture. One day, a young college grad at home, Mabel tried to revive an old handbag for use by giving it a facelift. She purchased a few pieces of local fabric and armed with her love for art and creativity, she completely refurbished the old bag into a modern sophisticated handbag that won the admiration of many. She quickly developed a great love for making these handbags in her leisure time. However, with time and with encouragement from family and a few close friends, she quit her job to pursue her new talent full-time.



Deluxe by MSimps

From The Deluxe Collection by mSimps


From The Prestige Collection by MSimps

From The Prestige Collection by mSimps



Since its existence in 2010, the mSimps brand is gradually becoming a darling brand on the Ghanaian fashion scene. The brand has now expanded its range of accessories to include totes, clutches, laptop sleeves, brooches and even footwear. The men’s footwear collection or Gold Coast Collection, also called “Mbranti3” (Akan word for “gentlemen”), are very highly coveted among top Ghanaian and African men of style. The mSimps brand insists on quality in every product it makes and plans to extend the production of its quality products to serve markets beyond the Ghanaian and African markets.




Find mSimps on Facebook: www.facebook.com/msimpsghana or contact via email at: info@msimps.com.



Photography courtesy of Mabel Simpson / mSimps



*Francesca is an art loving, styling obsessed, fashion lover who roams the streets of Ghana always looking for the next fashionable inspiration. Check out her thoughts at www.francescaandoh.blogspot.com 

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