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Global Designer Spotlight: Catching up with Purse ‘n Boots from Vancouver, Canada


The European Boot by Purse 'n Boots

The European Boot. All boots have inside wallet styled pockets for easy carrying of cards and phone. Smart!


Smart Style. 

By: Marina Radovanovic

Toronto, Canada


Since our last chat with designer Elizabeth Anne LeGear, she has designed a brand new line to add to the Purse ‘n Boots roster of spectacular boots!


The Canadian Elizabeth Anne Shoe brand now expanded and offers delightful, beautiful and practical boots to women in North America and Europe.


Who can possibly resist not owning a fashion statement that not only complements your wardrobe, your own unique style and is extremely practical, not to mention safe. Elizabeth Anne’s “Purse ‘n Boots” relaunched her website, and has now expanded from Canada through the rest of North America as well as Europe. For all of us who are determined and devoted to looking our best and having practicality simultaneously; these boots are a gold mine!


No need to lug around a tote, purse, bag or clutch whenever you travel, shop or  on the town, the feeling of freedom and liberation from worrying about your most cherished items in your hand bag can now be conveniently and snuggly placed in your boots!  The variation of styles and sizes of boots will definitely please even the most discerning tastes of customers! There’s an amazing assortment of styles to choose from!


Elizabeth Anne LeGear designer of Purse 'n Boots

Elizabeth Anne LeGear designer of Purse ‘n Boots photography by Chipperfield Photography



The bright and young entrepreneur Elizabeth Anne LeGear created this masterpiece that became a revolutionary way of managing our items while looking stylish at the same time. The patented, hidden interior pockets within the boots can hold a plethora of items such as; keys, cash, credit cards and even a cell phone!


Elizabeth Anne devoted her time and talent in creating these boots of the finest quality leather and they are handmade to ensure longevity and durability. She now incorporated many new styles to choose from: casual, dressy, riding and cowboy boots and even lace up boots! There’s a style for everyone who wants to look and feel their best.


Elizabeth Anne focuses on quality, comfort and style, because she knows how difficult it can be to lug around important items and be comfortable while maintaining fashion and style.   Many of us spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on chic and stylish boots, but Elizabeth Anne shares with us truly fascinating boots that enhance our wardrobe, are convenient for us all and will perhaps outlast well known designer boots! Who can resist that?


It is a small and sure fire investment for the woman on the go!   Praised for the global phenomenon; “Purse ‘n Boots, The World’s First Purse for Your Feet” on Global CBC Radio and Virgin Radio! It is with no wonder that Elizabeth Anne attained these accolades, and is continuing to receive more!


Pocahontas by Purse 'n Boots


Since our last interview, which boots were added to your collection?

Since we last spoke we have released a few new beauties into the collection. My favourite of course, is the European, our lovely new riding boot. This boot is special in that it’s the first one we have created in different calf widths: slim, regular, and wide. We have darling little cowboy boot we call the Two-Step, which we hope to make a splash with in the coming rodeo season this summer. We have an alluring little boot called the Princess; she is very casual chic and has some lovely creative stitching. The latest addition to our Purse n’ Boots family is a little combat style boot we call the Rogue. I love the combat styles so much but I find they fall apart after a few months of heavy use. This strong little boot has all of the attractive qualities of the combat boots we see walking around now, but it’s got very hardy construction and the added bonus of secret hidden pockets.


The European Boot by Purse 'n Boots

The European Boot


The Rogue designed by Purse 'n Boots

The Rogue

Two Step Cowboy Boot

Two Step Cowboy Boot


What were the inspirations for the new boots added to your current line?

What I was really looking for was a boot for every purpose. We now have some trendy styles for our girls that love heels and we have some nice flat-heeled options for more functional purposes. Our most versatile is the European; it’s ideal for travel, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, etc. It has a nice flat heel, which makes it our most adaptable boot. We have about 5 or 6 new styles coming out again this fall as well. There is more Purse n’ Boots brewing in the pot right now that I’m excited to release.


I learned that you are offering your beautiful and practical boots in Europe as well! When and what motivated you to extend your collection to Europe?

I’m really excited about this! We are hoping to have our collection their by the Spring/Fall. We have been getting an overwhelming number of requests from girls all over the world, particularly in Europe, so we were inspired to expand. I can’t wait to get the collection over there. It will be such an exciting time for us.


We read on your website that each and every pair of boots is carefully crafted to not only look fabulous and be practical-as well as very comfortable, but to last for a very long time! How long does it usually take to create a pair of these extraordinary boots?

It’s quite a long process actually. The design and prototyping phase can take ages to get right. Once the creation element is done, it can take anywhere from 60 to 120 days to complete an order of boots if all goes well. Each of these boots is made by hand from natural leather and the selection process for the materials is very selective.

The hand stitching process takes quite a long time too. The boots are well worth the wait though; between the talented craftsmanship and exquisite leathers these boots can last for ages. I have a pair of riding boots that were crafted in a similar style as ours that were given to me by my mom. 

We’ve both been using them since we were 16 and they still look amazing! I wouldn’t be surprised if they lasted a 3rd generation.


You can visit Elizabeth Anne’s website to view her masterpieces at: www.elizabethanneshoes.com and if you have any questions for Elizabeth, there is an 800 number provided on the website.

Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Shoes/Purse ‘n Boots

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  1. Coralynn says:

    Do not buy from this company! They do not ship within anywhere close to promised times, the boots are crap quality and you have to fight tooth and nail to get a refund. Total scam!

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