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Feature: Guard The Vintage from Johannesburg


Guard The Vintage

Guard The Vintage



Meet Yusrha, a university student studying international relations, who also flexes her fashion muscles with a very cool online store! 



By: Jesica Colbyn

Johannesburg, South Africa


With consumers being more sophisticated and the world smaller by the click, online stores are reaping the rewards. Currently in South Africa, vintage is the trend. More young adults are raiding their grandparents’ closets with vintage markets and online stores who doling out Eureka! moments. Meet Yusrha, owner of  Guard The Vintage an online fashionable treasure trove from Bryanston, Johannesburg.



Yusrha, the founder of Guard The Vintage

Yusrha, the founder of Guard The Vintage


Guard The Vintage

Guard The Vintage




Tell me briefly about yourself?


I’m a 21 year old almost-at-the-finish-line WITS student. Dabbled in commerce and law, but now majoring in psychology and international relations. Completely fashion-obsessed, living that through Guard The Vintage GTV and Guard The High Street (GTHS).



When did you set up Guard The Vintage and what was your inspiration?


I set up GTV about 2 years ago and was inspired by all that second hand and vintage clothing had to offer in terms of supporting local charities, having an item that is of great quality, and the good feeling of re-uding, re-cycling, re-loving an item and the thrill I get when I get my hands on something good.


Guard The Vintage

Guard The Vintage



Is there a big market for vintage?


Many would agree that vintage appeals to a niche market. That market has always existed, but now it’s becoming more popular, and more people are open to wearing previously worn items for a million and one reasons of their own.



What is the process for sourcing your collections?


As amazing items are really hard to find amongst everything else, I’ve trained my eye to select items that are on trend, or is a staple/classic and of course is of good quality.


Guard The Vintage

Guard The Vintage


What current entrepreneurial efforts consume your time?


As I manage every single aspect of my business, everything consumes my time.



How do you do what you do?


Because every minute of the day is exciting doing this! Customer satisfaction keeps me going. Even when it gets to the point where I’m exhausted or am faced with challenges, and want to throw in the towel, I know if ever GTV had to close down, I’d be disappointing customers.



How does social media play a part in your overall branding/ marketing strategy?


Social media marketing is everything, especially since GTV is based online. It’s a 21st century thing, where we share our lives on the internet, and like to move everything into the space of convenience.


Guard The Vintage

Guard The Vintage


What type of clothing do you find yourself drawn to at the moment?


I’m really in love with the 90′s right now. I’m a 90′s kid, so I love celebrating that and anything leather when it comes to accessories.



What’s sets your store apart?


Our rare-finds, quality products, and bang-for-your-buck pricetags.



Who’s your style icon?


Zoe Kravitz, Alexa Chung, the Olsen twins, Solange Knowles, but mainly the streets (street style).  Honestly, no one “famous”. I’d love to meet every single person who’s purchased an item from GTV and share good conversation, good food and laughs.



Where can we find you?


Twitter, facebook, www.guardthevintage.com at all hours of the day!



 Photography courtesy of Guard The Vintage 


*Jesica is a 20 something from Johannesburg South Africa with a passion for fashion and a heart for style. Imagination is a space in which she creates, dreams, play and when lucky – live. Fashion is an integral part of who she is. A silent voice in expression.

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