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Feature: Our Trend Alert! It’s Full-On Spring Bling!

This season's Spring Bling!

This Season's Spring Bling!


Trends: Spring Bling…for Eternity! Get wrapped up in these stunning rings! 

By: Triston

Hong Kong



Vivienne Westwood, Prada and Chanel have showcased eternity rings in all of their runway shows. Wherever you are, you can get the same look courtesy of Blue Nile & the Jewellery Reserve.



It can be said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It can also be said that there is no true season to pull out all things shiny and spectacular, but spring is definitely the high point for bling. After covering those cold hands for many wintery months, spring is the best time of year to let your shine be seen!


Jennifer Aniston at the 2013 Oscar Red Carpet (image source: Celebfa.com)

Jennifer Aniston at the 2013 Oscar Red Carpet (image source: Celebfa.com)


Celebrities currently in the news are bringing certain styles of rings back to the forefront when it comes to trends. Movies are prominently featuring gorgeous necklaces and baubles on their stars. Of course, diamond engagement and wedding rings will always be a mainstay and will never fall out of fashion, but the emergence of eternity rings has been buzzing for the past few years, especially the most recent.


This season, designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Prada, and Chanel have been showcasing eternity rings as one of the main accessories in their runway shows and the trend has been catching on like wildfire on both sides of the Atlantic.


Eternity rings, unlike wedding rings, don’t require an engagement to wear. As a symbol of love, they are for celebrating a variety of events or milestones in one’s life. Whether you want a full eternity ring with diamonds around the entire band, or a half eternity ring, there are many options available out there to satisfy your tastes.



Diamond engagement rings (image source: BlueNile.ca)

Diamond Eternity rings (image source: BlueNile.com)



If you’re after some spring bling, you don’t have to be Jennifer Aniston or Keira Knightly to get the star look at an affordable price. There are a few brands out that deliver exquisitely made rings at an attractive price for the everyday woman who’s looking to upgrade her digital property.



Aquamarine Eternity Ring (image source: BlueNile.com)

Aquamarine Eternity Ring (image source: BlueNile.com)



Blue Nile offers a great option for those that want to get their hands on an affordable bauble. Their Aquamarine Eternity Ring is 18k white gold and is only $600.


Based in the United States, they offer free shipping anywhere in the world, and offer an array of other diamonds and fine gems.


Diamond Eternity Ring (image course: JewellleryReserve.ca)

Diamond Eternity Ring (image course: JewellleryReserve.ca)



Jewellery Reserve  is another brand that offers their Diamond Eternity Ring at $850. Boasting 14 karat white gold, it is yet another option to put you on your way to the diamond life.


The Jewellery Reserve, based in Canada, offers up a wide range of diamond and non-diamond options for women and men that want to expand their diamond portfolio, but not break their bank accounts. Not only is shipping free, but they also offer membership rewards to sweeten the pot.


If these options are not within your price range, and for those looking for even a better bargain, there are ways around conventional means. Individual retailers, flea markets, and online mom and pop stores are also alternative ways to get that bling you want. Where there’s a will, there’s a carat in your future!



*Triston is a jet-set performance artist, writer and novelist, living between Istanbul, Berlin and now currently in Hong Kong. You can catch up with Triston on Facebook @TristonNegreaux or on Twitter @ Triston212. And you MUST check out his latest e-book “Heaux Confessionals” now available here: http://www.amazon.com/Heaux-Confessionals-The-Sintroduction-ebook/dp/B00BI35DNW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361327683&sr=8-1&keywords=heaux+confessionals .



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