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Feature: The Pink Sock Diary

A story of colour and convo.  


By Amel Gaaloul

Tunis, Tunisia 

Amel's pink socks

Amel's pink socks


When I woke up that morning and decided to wear pink socks under my blue sandals, I knew my sartorial choice wouldn’t go unnoticed. Puzzled, many of my friends and co-workers called me “The Brit” that day, thus attributing my “outrageous styling” to my British half. I thought it was funny and worth the mention.



Amel's pink socks

Amel's pink socks



Photography by:  Mohamed Amine Kasaa



*British-Tunisian born Amel has lived in Tunis for 5 years, where she works in advertising as well as a freelance editor for www.tunisia-live.net. She loves to wander around Tunis in the search of inspiring places and people that make up the new Tunisian scene. 

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