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Feature: Cairo’s coffee house couture


Kamel Rafla, hangs in the popular style choise, a favorite red shirt and jeans.

Kamel Rafla dons this popular style choice: a red pin-striped shirt and jeans


The magnetic youth of Cairo continue to keep it real, with their  grounded style statements. 

By: Enaam A. Magdy

Cairo, Egypt


Fashion in Cairo, Egypt is not about the glamorous fashion shows in the luxurious hotels or seen in the glossies buoyed by celeb names — it’s all about the street style scene in the Cairo coffee shops that one can spot on a regular Thursday night.


In Egypt, with its diverse culture — outfits are not something you pick randomly; it’s calculated, as it tells a lot about your character and the cultural background you come from. Fashion also provides the arena where social dialogue takes place.


After a long day, friends gather together to enjoy great company and a delicious cup of coffee. What are they wearing? Well, red or anything in that hue is a quiet and noticeable trend for both men and women. Slogan emblazoned t-shirts adds to that element of personality. Funky jeans are also an Egyptian must-have. It provides the perfect palette for personal expression. Coffee-goers give their own jeans a personal touch by writing on them, cutting them up or even adding a badge to it. Skinny jeans are the fashionista’s favorite pick. Whether it’s Armani, Guess or a local Egyptian brand, jeans are always the staple in the Egyptian closet.



Army green with key messaging


A sharp stylish contrast hot pink and black.

A stylish pink & black combo with a slogan emblazoned tee, another popular choice.


For the guys it’s all about the brand. Often opting for  Adidas and Nike T-shirts and those from popular stores like Pull & Bearand H&M. Polo shirts have definitely found a home in Cairo as well.


For the Cairo woman who chooses to wear  a head covering, the hijab has earned its very own street style cred as well giving the women of Egypt a step ahead in their own fashion world.


Salma Hegab shows of some plaid pink prints perfect for her stylish needs.

Salma Hegab shows of pink hued Burberry-inspired print, which completes her look



The hijab comes in a variety colours, textiles, styles and serves as the perfect way to show off the Cairo woman’s fashionable preferences. As per the cultural dress code, the preferred finishing touches includes a loose fitting long sleeved t-shirt, sometimes topped with a sharp blazer and most often with a pair of her favourite jeans. Egyptian artists are abound who specialize in creating a very unique style for the hijab, along with endless accessories specifically created to give the hijab that dash of glitz. Of course the hijab also has a place in the high-end fashion market as well, with local designers creating their version for the well-heeled hijabi clientele.


It’s clear on the streets of Cairo, the coffee house fashion scene keeps it real.


Photography by Mohammed Diaa


*Enaam recently unleashed her passion for writing. Working as an editor gives her a fresh perspective on her own life as well as on what surrounds her in Cairo. When she’s not roaming the streets looking for the latest fashionable street trends, she collects her thoughts and observations of this magical city on her own blog http://enooali.wordpress.com .



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