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Global Street Style Special: Sydney’s Prom Scene!

Party Time once again!

Party Time!



Our Sydney correspondent shares with us her friends’ cool stylings from The Formal!


By: Aditi Rajgopal

Sydney, Australia



Prom, Debutante’s Ball, The Deb, Ball, Formal or, if you are from Germany, Abifeier. Wherever you are from you’ve probably heard about the this exciting event where girls and boys from High School get to dress up and take their dates to, the commonly known, Prom.

In Australia, “Prom” is called Formal. Formal is pretty much the same thing as Prom, it just has a different name.


Chav & Nyla

Chav & Nyla



Fashionista: Chavinya


Location: Sydney, Australia


Secret:  Chavinya has a great sense of style; she wears what she feels comfortable in. She doesn’t pay any attention to what is in or what’s out; she’s the girl that sets the trends… Her perfect prom dress would be something that suits her and fits her personality.


Breakdown: Chavinya’s flowy pink dress is fun and flirty, and her hair is simple but elegant. She says that it’s the perfect dress because she loves the way it looks. Her shoes complete the look by giving it an edge.



Fashionista: Nyla


Location: Sydney, Australia


Secret: Nyla likes to look at the recent fashion trends and pick the ones that best suite her style.  She feels that personal style should have pieces that you feel comfortable in but at the same time, it should be fashion forward.


Breakdown: Nyla brings in something new and different. Her traditional outfit is cute and fun coloured. Bright colours brighten the mood. Nyla’s outfit is unique and she doesn’t have to worry about anyone stealing her Formal look. ;)






Fashionista: Chloe


Location: Sydney, Australia


Secret: Simple yet eye-catching, Chloe says it’s important to feel good in what you wear. No one else’s opinion matters.  Fashion is supposed to be fun, and there is doubt that Chloe likes to try new things.  She also says that if you wear what you love, you’re going to have a wonderful time where ever you are!


Breakdown: Chloe would wear this to her formal because it easy to dance in. (Who doesn’t like to dance?!) It’s not over the top and white lace is a timeless trend. Chloe’s shoes add colour to the outfit and her accessories are kept to the minimum.






Fashionista: Emily


Location: Sydney, Australia


Secret: Emily looks confident and comfortable; she thinks that if you feel good in it, you probably will look good in it too.

Emily shows us that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for the perfect dress and also that the ‘Perfect Dress’ might already be in your closet!


Breakdown: It’s all about the trendy darks for Emily. Her outfit may not be bright, but it is certainly trendy. The shape of the dress compliments her body and her fabulous shoes match her outfit perfectly.



Photography by Aditi Rajgopal


*Aditi loves music, writing and taking pictures. She’s currently a student in Sydney and a shopaholic! When she’s not locked up in her room strumming her guitar, she is usually hitting the local shops. For more of her musings from Down Under go to her blog http://guitarsandcameras.tumblr.com/



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