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Feature: Singer Euricka & The Art Of Southern Style




Southern Belle

By: Triston


We love to cover  the movers and shakers in and around all things artistic, whether on the page, behind the lens, on the stage, on the runway and more. In this digital age, the fashion and entertainment worlds continue to a synergizing mix and we cover the artisans worldwide, always with an eye towards the sartorial.

R&B singer, model, and actress Euricka is a diva on a mission that extends far beyond the parameters of any runway or recording studio. As a bonafide artistic force to be reckoned with across several fields, the performer took a moment from her busy life to share her perspective on style, and the view from her world.



 Photographed by: Peter Nakhid / Stylist: Cheikh Dioum 



What is your personal style mantra?

My personal style mantra is basically keeping my wardrobe as independent as possible. I prefer being different on so many levels not so different that my style becomes a spectacle but different to where even in it’s uniqueness people could appreciate it’s beyond normal concept. I love shoes and jewelry when they evoke character and style.


Who are your favorite designers?

I can appreciate a long list of designers but my favorite designers are fresh new people who are bringing new flavor into the fashion industry. I am passionate about the creative arts and fashion design falls perfectly in that category, that’s why I believe in promoting fresh new ideas in the fashion industry to compliment the innovative icons who have paved the way for  an incredible industry to flourish for many years to come.


What item(s) of clothing should every woman have in her closet?

 A nicely tailored black suit, a pair of designer sun glasses and a pair of your favorite blue jeans.


What are the differences between your stage attire and what you wear daily?

My stage attire has a character all it’s own it can be pretty indescribable if viewed by someone who lacks appreciation for independent style. On the other hand, my personal style is jazzy with a pinch of class, sex appeal and business savvy.




 Photographed by: Peter Nakhid / Stylist: Cheikh Dioum

What is the fashion scene like in Houston/NOLA and how has it changed?

The fashion scene in Houston/New Orleans is not as current as one can see in Paris France or Europe but I see many individuals complementing the idea of independent style and uniqueness considerably well in spite of the many challenges faces as the very last to sometimes receive new ideas as it pertains to the fashion industry.


Which designer can you not live without?

I have lots of designers I can’t live without that’s a very hard question. But to pick one from my favorites, I’ll have to say Jimmy Choo.


Which cities speak to you in a sartorial way?

Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome and Venice.


If you could describe your fashion sense in a phrase, what would it be?

Refined Retro.




 Photography courtesy of Peter Nakhid; Stylist: Cheikh Dioum 

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