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Feature: Rio Etc.– Brazil’s Cool Street Style Blog & Books



Rio Etc.

Rio Etc.


“She’s a carioca!”


By: Emanuelle de Gondra

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Many might have heard of Rio Etc. the biggest street style blog in Rio de Janeiro. The charming and hectic city of Rio has always been the focus of attention and desire by fashion lovers. And the cosmopolitan carioca woman (the one who is from Rio de Janeiro), a style reference worldwide.


The creators of Rio Etc., the 36 year-old fashion lover, Renata Abranchs and her husband Tiago Petrik, a 37 year-old journalist, adore the city. It was this love that encouraged them to start the website five years ago: he wanted to talk about the town and she wanted to talk about fashion! And nothing suited it better than a street style blog.


The hobby became a business and resulted in two published books with their favourite and the blog’s most representative looks. This month the third book A Carioca is on its way, both in Portuguese and  in English. The authors found their inspiration in the best-seller La Parisienne, written by the french model and aristocrat Inès de la Fressange in 2010.



A Carioca

A Carioca


This last release is not only a selection of the most carioca outfits but a style guide, in their description: “a style guide for living Rio de Janeiro”… through fashion! The book talks about places to visit, where to stay, what to do and the funkiest bars and restaurants in town. A lot of it is dedicated the most significant of the carioca lifestyle: the life outdoors. Among photos of outfits, the guide lists as well the 10 items that cannot lack on a carioca girl’s closet. Among them are hats, big sunglasses, colorful handkerchiefs and the already international Havaianas…


“The inhabitant of Rio has his own way of dressing up. It’s something spontaneous, that awakens everybody’s curiosity. Foreigners would die to understand this logic”, says Petrik. The guide tries to explain the carioca style based on the geographic characteristics of the city: heat, beaches, slopes, mountains and forests everywhere. It couldn’t result in anything else than an authentic, relaxed and spontaneous style.


To visit the blog: http://rioetc.com.br/




*Emanuelle recently graduated in advertising, but she’s not that fond of it. She loves colourful things and organization, and is old enough to be an adult but prefers to be a child.












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