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Feature: On the wedge of fashion

Monica flower shoes

Monica flower shoes



Soul to sole love story from Sydney. 


By: Triston

Berlin, Germany



Created by Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo in the 30s, the wedge shoe has seen its status ebb and flow with the times like any other trend. For the past five years, however, the wedge has returned with a vengeance.  From straps to ankle wraps and even flip-flop styles, they are now being paired with clothes from several seasons. As they provide more support to the leg, they have become the only high heel of choice for some.



Niecy fabulous colour block wedges

Niecy fabulous colour block wedges



Since my first week in Sydney for their annual Fashion Week, what can I report about Aussie fashion at the moment? Well, the wedge shoe seems to be the top choice this season. I lost count of the pairs I saw in every section of town from Potts Point to Newtown, Surrey Hills and back again. They are being worn for leisure activities here as well as for nightlife. So if you think wedge shoes are a thing of the past, think again. Their future has been solidified down under and judging by fashionistas in Miami, the trend has found a following stateside.



Photography by A. Neff King 



*Triston is a jet-set performance artist, writer and novelist, living between Istanbul and Berlin. You can catch up with Trison on Facebook @TristonNegreaux or on Twitter @ Triston212

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