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Feature: Shop for a cause with Maasai creations by Me To We Artisans


The Maasai Mamas of Kenya

The Maasai Mamas of Kenya



The Me To We Artisan program ignites the entrepreneurial spirit in Maasai women.



By: Marina Radovanovic

Toronto, Canada


Through steely determination and benevolence did Roxanne Joyal (co-founder of the Me to We Artisans) begin her venture to help and assist the women of various countries that offered minimal — to no provisions and guidance for the prosperity and endeavours of women and their families.


By encouraging the sales of the jewellery that the native women lovingly created — mainly the “Maasai Mamas” — had enabled the women of the households to provide monetary supplements; including education for their children and benefiting the entire village in general.


Roxanne Joyal co-founder of Me To We Artisans

Roxanne Joyal co-founder of Me To We Artisans



A Maasai Mama creating beaded beauties from Me To We Kenya Africa

A Maasai Mama creating beaded beauties


One of the entrepreneurs/artisans from Me To We Artisans

One of the Maasai Mamas/artisans from Me To We Artisans



More than 500 women in Kenya alone are working with Roxanne Joyal and the “Me to We Artisans” that brought the beautiful and intricate handcrafted jewellery to the Americas and across the globe. The women were surprised to hear how their handcrafted jewellery would benefit their families and their villages, because they created each and every item with love and a significant meaning to them. Roxanne observed the beauty and intricacy in each of the items and suggested the idea to the households of the village.


The Maasai Collection is the inspiration behind the first line of the “Me to We Artisans” when people would purchase the unique jewellery item, they are actually also contributing to the prosperity and the meaningful and crucial changes towards a better world!


Maasai Beaded Button Earrings

Maasai Beaded Button Earrings


 Millefiori Coffee Bean Beaded Earrings

Millefiori Coffee Bean Beaded Earrings


Turkana Earth —Silver Turkana Earrings in blue

Turkana Earth — Silver Turkana Earrings in blue



Roxanne Joyal offers beautiful and timely assortments of collectibles that continuously change, due to her exotic trips around the world. The vast majority of Joyal’s treasures are for sale (luckily) and are produced ensuring moral and ethical business.


All of the other splendid items (aside from the jewellery) for sale are ethically manufactured; thus enforcing a new social enterprise. These additional quality items are superior for the socially conscious consumer.


There are no toxic chemicals, and by manufacturing various clothing in Canada by providing fair wage to employees is only one of the facets of the Me to We Artisans standards and endeavours. The “Me to We Artisans” donates half of the profits collected to “Free the Children” where they actually participate to ensure a better life is established for children and their families in impoverished towns and villages around the world.


 Bazaar — Anchor Baba Orange Tassle

Bazaar — Anchor Baba Orange Tassel


 Bazaar — Anchor Baba Pink Tassle

Bazaar — Anchor Baba Pink Tassel


Acacia Leaf Earrings

Acacia Leaf Earrings


While Roxanne Joyal lived in Kenya for numerous years, and mostly in the Maasai Mara area, Joyal had helped to build the Kenya School of the Savannah through her unrelenting dedication and devotion. Joyal was eventually accepted and created a member of the Maasai community.


The marvelous beadwork that the Maasai Mamas created was intricate and astonishing jewellery that would complement any wardrobe and style! Joyal realized this, and also understood that the artistic and talented work of the women would benefit their families and their town! Roxanne Joyal become lovingly known as Nalotuesha (“Little Rainmaker”) by the Maasai community. She had captured the hearts of the village people who realized how much she had cared and contributed to the community.


Roxanne's Safari Clutch —Tan White

Roxanne's Safari Clutch —Tan White


Tatu Three Wrap Bracelets/Kili Everyone Wrap

Tatu Three Wrap Bracelets — Kili Everyone Wrap


Tatu Three Wrap Bracelets — Kili Everyone Wrap

Tatu Three Wrap Bracelets — Kili Everyone Wrap



Selected by the Women’s Executive Networks top 100: Canada’s Most Powerful Women; Roxanne Joyal continues to contribute her time and efforts and benevolence to various towns that suffer in deprivation and encourages prosperity through her time and dedication and through sales of the handcrafted items that the women create.


The astonishingly beautiful jewellery and various other handmade artifacts, as well as gorgeous apparel and home décor items are available for purchase by contacting Roxanne Joyal through her website www.metowe.com


By purchasing the amazing jewellery and other beautiful items that Roxanne Joyal offers, it not only contributes additional beautiful item(s) and an exquisite addition to one’s collection, but is a contribution to the betterment of society.



 Photography courtesy of Me To We Artisans



*Marina is a successful author, a history buff and adores classic literature. This Torontonian relishes in the  exploration of  unchartered fashion routes to discover talent that should be noted by everyone. 



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