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Feature: “Lady Preach” Fashion Collage from Rotterdam


Lady Preach fashion art collage from Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Lady Preach



By: Iris van Gelder

Rotterdam, The Netherlands



This is part of our ongoing series of fabulous collages submitted  to us by Rotterdam-based artist, Iris van Gelder. We love to see how fashion can inspire each person’s perspective. So in that spirit, we bring to you, the beauty of “Lady Preach.”


The model that is holding her bag like a bible gave me the inspiration for the title. The background and the big pink diamond just went well with the colours of the clothes and made this beautiful image.



*Iris loves making collagesThis creative process allows her to rethink existing images and create her own world with them. Sometimes she’s critical and other times she wholly embraces the consumer society. Forms and shapes are really important to Iris, as they are like pieces to her puzzle. Check her works out at fasttrash.tumblr.com.




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