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Global Designer Spotlight: KIKI Clothing from Accra, Ghana


KIKI Clothing at Africa Fashion Week

KIKI Clothing at Africa Fashion Week


Titi Ademola & KIKI Clothing combines stylish wear with philanthropy for Ghana. 

By: Francesca Andoh

Accra, Ghana


KIKI Clothing is a Ghanaian clothing line created by creative director and fashion designer Titi Ademola.Located in shop G39a in the Accra Mall, KIKI Clothing specializes in the making of Afro-centric designs with colourful Ghanaian fabrics with a main aim of promoting locally manufactured apparel that caters to the different lifestyles of people, not only in Africa, but all over the world.



KIKI Clothing

Afro-centric prints galore at the KIKI Clothing boutique


Ademola looks to everyday life as sources of inspiration. her Nigerian/Ghanaian lineage lends itself to dipping into their vast fashionable histories with respect to textiles, designs and of course representing Africa.


KIKI Clothing

Cute sandals at KIKI Clothing boutique


With her recent collection showcased at Africa Fashion International, Ademola and her KIKI Clothing collection is a firm fixture in connecting and re-connecting her clients with their culture.


KIKI Clothing

Groovy tees at KIKI Clothing boutique


KIKI Clothing has received a lot of positive press over the years since its establishment certainly has made a presence in the fashion scene. Due to their stylish quality the clothing line has been lauded by both celebrities and fashionistas alike. One such celebrity, Nicole Arie Parker (popularly known for the hit TV shows Soul Food and Second Time Around) has expressed a lot of fondness and appreciation for the line by frequently walking the red carpet in designs from Ademola.


KIKI Clothing

KIKI Clothing



KIKI Clothing also believes in social responsibility and giving back to the community. It boasts a Made in Ghana mantra for all of their items as well as supporting charities such as the Osu Children’s Home (an orphanage in Accra) and has been involved in various charitable events including the United Nations food project called, “Walk The World” to combat hunger and provide food for starving children across the African continent.


By this — Ademola and KIKI Clothing are really contributing their bit to making a difference in the world. I believe in a good brand that supports a great cause. KIKI Clothing is one of such great brands.


For more information on this clothing line, visit www.kikiclothing.com.


Boutique photography by Francesca Andoh 

Runway photography courtesy of KIKIClothing.com/Simon Deiner/SDR Photo


*Francesca is an art loving, styling obsessed, fashion lover who roams the streets of Ghana always looking for the next fashionable inspiration. Check out her thoughts at www.Silkroyalty707.blogspot.com

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