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Feature: IZIS by Wallyscar is the haute wheels of Tunis


IZIS by Wallyscar

IZIS by Wallyscar




Take a ride Tunisian style!

By: Amel Gaaloul and Moez Achour

Tunis, Tunisia


Introducing IZIS by Wallyscar, Tunisia’s very first locally made all terrain vehicle.


We had to tell you about this newly introduced groovy car: because it’s cute, stylish and 100% Tunisian. Perfect for a “sun & the city” lifestyle, as well as for those funky Sundays cruising Tunisia’s sandy beaches, Wallyscar‘s IZIS is just irresistible. The car was recently launched and exhibited at High Street Fashion, a concept-store located in Tunis, which shows and sells all sorts of exciting pieces raging from paintings, clothes, accessories, and graffitis.


IZIS car

IZIS car made-up by graffiti artist SK-ONE



On display at the High Fashion Concept Store in Tunis

On display at the High Street Fashion store in Tunis


Speaking of which, you’ll see that one of the cars has been made-up by graffiti artist SK-ONE (aka Hafedh Khediri), giving it an urban and fun allure.



IZIS in one of hundreds of colours!



Available in 100 stylish colors, the car is equipped with a fold-down windshield, an awareness program, and is suitable for urban as well as off-beaten paths.



I know what I‘m going to be saving money for…


Photos: Courtesy of High Street Fashion Tunis



*British-Tunisian born Amel has lived in Tunis for 5 years, where she works in advertising as well as a freelance editor for www.tunisia-live.net. Together with Artistic Director and blogger, Moez Achour, (www.fashionplaylist.com), they like to wander around Tunis in the search of inspiring places and people that make up the new Tunisian scene. 

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