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Feature: Brazilian coffee & shoes make the perfect café

Colourful shoes!

Colourful shoes!



Sole to Soul. Take one part Brazilian coffee and two parts gorgeous footwear and you’ve got a pretty heavenly café. 


By. Sarah J. Montoro

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil


Anyone who’s ever been into a Starbucks might be familiar with the richness of Brazilian coffee beans, but you’d have to actually step foot into a Brazilian mall to grasp the magnitude of quality and variety of feminine footwear that’s produced here.


Internet Club Cafe combines shoes and coffee. Perfection!

Internet Club Café combines shoes and coffee. Perfection!


Walking along the Savassi district of Belo Horizonte, a hipster haven of book shops, alternative clubs, and mock vintage boutiques, I found Internet Club Café, an establishment that brings two of my favorite addictions under one roof: coffee and shoes. Oh yeah, and the internet. Make that three of my favorite things.



The endless array of groovy footwear

The endless array of groovy footwear


Internet Club Café offers high quality shoes from top of the line Brazilian designers, including the popular Patrícia Maranhão. If you’re ever in the area, stop by and order a cappuccino and a warm pão de queijo, then use the internet to tell all of your Facebook friends how awesome you look in your knew peep toe pumps.


The charming European inspired atmosphere makes it a nice place to relax, especially with a good book from their neighbors at Quixote Livraria.


To check out their selection of shoes and bags online, visit the Internet Club Café  website! 



Photography by Sarah J. Montoro



*Born in Los Angeles California, Sarah is a writer, wonderer, and lover of shiny things. She currently lives and works in various cities throughout Brazil. Check out her thoughts at http://smontmonster.tumblr.com/



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