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Feature: High School Confidential from North Carolina


HIgh School Confidential: Cori in one of her cool Spring ensembles.

Cori in one of her cool Spring ensembles: a pretty white lace top, underneath the cool denim button-down and that gorgeous maxi skirt!



A high-schooler in North Carolina. covets her friend’s fashionable sense, and tells us about it!


By: Olivia Miller

Charlotte, North Carolina


Why scurry up and down the streets hoping to encounter an incredibly dressed body when you can do ‘the search’ in the halls of your very own high school? Friendly-faced, Cori D. Johnson strides the halls as one of the school’s best-dressed. She has all of the fashion trends covered and more importantly, her inviting personality allows for anyone to gab with her about what she’s wearing.


Heads turn as she glides by, eyes doing a once over; what’s next for Johnson? Crazy prints? Colored tights? A jumper? We all ravish at what she could possibly come up with next. One thing is for sure; Johnson will not be doing the feathers in the hair or the tight mini skirts. “They are just soooo overdone, everyone has them!” she says.


The main reason why I chose Johnson to do a feature story on was of course her style sense but additionally her fearlessness to create the very first ‘Fashion Board’ for our high school — a club that has weekly meetings where they put together fashion shows, do community service and fundraisers, go on field trips to local vintage stores and even talk about the latest trends.


Johnson said that she paid a much needed visit to the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) website where she found a tab that encouraged her to start her own club at school; she had everything together in less than a month! The type of spontaneousness that it took for her to pull together the club is something you can find often in Johnson’s personality. She’s always coming up with new and creative ideas on the spot.


“Downtown chic,” replies Johnson when I ask her how she would describe her style. She gets most of her inspiration from the oh-so classy, Ashley Olsen, along with Grace Kelly whom is equally as stunning. Johnson suggests that we pay a visit to Nordstrom — one of her favourite stores — because on good days they have great sales, but if we stop by a few vintage stores then we have an amazing chance to get something unique that no one else owns.


This girl reads every fashion bible out there, from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar and with that being said, she’s able to completely transform the clothing hanging on the racks in retail stores to something new and fresh that some girls would only dream of being able to wear. Her trick is to shop alone; she shares that when she shops with friends, she ends up buying things that she wouldn’t even wear.


On any given day of the week, you can find Johnson wearing a maxi skirt with some chunky heels, or even a button down with a blazer, some skinnies and a statement ring [one item that she feels it's okay to splurge on]. Compliment her on her outfit and she’ll be so taken that she may even share the story of how she knew she wanted her career path to include fashion.



 *Olivia is an enthusiastic fashion watcher and a youtube “beauty guru”.  Living in Charlotte, North Carolina she blogs about anything that holds a visual and creative inspiration for her. She’s an active pinner and you can follow her various boards on Pinterest. 




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