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Feature: Fashion Edition BA from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Designs by Tregua

Designs by Tregua



Fashion Edition Buenos Aires 2013: Innovative Threads.


By: Sophie Lloyd

Buenos Aires, Argentina



Fashion Edition BA, now in its fifth year, has become a highly anticipated event on the Buenos Aires fashion calendar. A collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Hotel Faena, it’s a design contest inviting a select group of Argentine designers to compete for the opportunity to take part in a Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week elsewhere in the world, along with a tidy sum of $500,000 to spend how they choose.  Previous winners have included established names such as Pablo Ramirez, Cora Groppo and El Camarin but this year’s event (that took place just a couple of weeks ago) was more focused on those that need it most, the city’s emerging young designers.



A closeup of a Tregua design

A closeup of a Tregua creation


The theme was ‘Silueta del Sur’ and the designers were given a month to put together mini collections of five looks that they presented in a fabulous fashion show at the city’s famous Philippe Starck-designed Hotel Faena. They were competing for the votes of some of the most respected people on Argentina’s design scene, including artist Delia Cancela, Gustavo Navarro, designers Turquesa Topper and Andrea Saltzman, and director of Harper’s Bazaar Argentina, Ana Torrejón, who together formed the jury for this year’s edition.


While all designers involved (Nicole Tarrab, Teresa Giarcovich, Profeta Style and A1 by Joan Martorello) showcased cohesive, well thought out collections, the jury chose Tregua as the winner for their innovative “Hilera” line that was inspired by wooden looms, a symbol of the traditional trade of the women of the South of Argentina.






Tregua (which translates as “truce”) is made up of a talented trio of female designers in their late 20s, Natalia Casal, Lucía Cornejo and Marina Rulli, all fashion design graduates from University of Buenos Aires. Their creative vision, which incorporated the basics of a loom (wooden frames and threads), was very manually demanding and required many hours of weaving which, says Nicole, was one of their main strengths given that they only had a month to do it in.



L-R: The ladies of Truega: designers, Natalia Casal, Lucía Cornejo and Marina Rulli

L-R: The ladies of Tregua: designers, Natalia Casal, Lucía Cornejo and Marina Rulli



“As soon as we arrived on the day of the show, we immediately sat on the floor and started sewing, recalls Lucía after the show. “People even came over to help us. We had to work right up until the very last minute to get everything done. It was so labour intensive, even with three of us.”


Yet the intricate attention to detail was subtle and there was an air of purity and simplicity to the end result. The models resembled porcelain puppets wearing robe-like garments crafted from threads and wooden frames and wooden halo-like head pieces.






The event marked their second ever collection as Tregua (the first being Buenos Aires Fashion Week in February 2013) so the brand is still very much in the development stages. “We’d like to create something that is commercially viable while continuing to work with unconventional materials,” says Nicole.  Tregua’s first collection for BAF Week in February 2013 was entitled Thermica and made from latex. Adding to the challenge, the girls were unable to source the right latex material in Argentina so they had to purchase liquid latex and make it themselves. More recently they collaborated on an art exhibition with Argentine designer Martin Churba of Tramando (read about him here) and they created surprisingly fetching necklaces out of blocks of coloured gel that they melted together.


It has not yet been confirmed which Fashion Week Tregua will attend but they’ve been told it’s between Australia, Berlin and Stockholm so expect to see their name popping up again very soon.



For more information on Tregua visit their site at: http://www.dametregua.com.ar


For more information on Fashion Edition BA click here : www.fashioneditionba.com




Photography courtesy of Tregua and Fashion Edition BA


*Sophie is a UK-born freelance writer and personal shopper currently based in Buenos Aires. To find out more about her, visit www.shop-buenosaires.com 






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