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Feature: Fashion Astrology-Aquarius

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012




By: Salete Dias

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Psychological Profile

The people born under the sign of Aquarius often have a strong personality, as well as tend to be original, thinkers, rational, very creative and sometimes eccentric. Due to this personality, they like to wear clothes that draw attention with bright colours and bold styles. Aquarians are emotionally independent, sociable, and unpredictable.


Ideal Colours for Aquarians

Because of the strong personality astrologists suggest the ideal fashion for them needs to be bold and stylish enough to call attention. Ideal colours to don are marine blue, copper and silver. If the Aquarian opts for something a bit lighter, there has to be some sparkle to their outfit. Whatever it is, it has to be bold, exotic and possess unique style. Remember, Aquarians are innovators and that is a trait also best shown in their wardrobe.


Ideal Accessories for Aquarians

When it comes to accessories the same rules apply: it must be exotic, brightly colored and attention-getters. For example, shoes must have a modernity in their design and best be in striking colors like a metallic purple just like the one from Alexander McQueen’s collection from Spring/Summer 2012. Handbags with unusual shapes, (and yes, it often comes with little space for their stuff) but just enough to house the all-important lipstick and favorite shimmering eye shadow. This Gucci number is perfect.


Gucci from Spring/Summer 2012

Gucci from Spring/Summer 2012



You can spot an Aquarian easily in the crowd. As they just like their personalities, they don’t play by the rules in life and in fashion.


Product photography courtesy of Style.com



*Disclaimer: This is another fun way of doing horoscopes. Clearly it’s for entertainment purposes only. Attempt fashion at your own risk.;-)


*Salete Dias is a psychologist who lives in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, and believes that fashion is closely linked to human emotions and the personality characteristics of each sign of the zodiac.

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