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Global Designer Profile: Crossover Bollywood from Hong Kong


Crossover Bollywood fashion house from Hong Kong

Crossover Bollywood in collaboration with designer Paulita Peng




East meets East. 


By: Triston

Hong Kong



Crossover Bollywood is not just a trend. It’s a lifestyle. As their fashion realm expands to include countries outside of India, here is an introduction into the brand that changing the face and status of Indian couture. This Q&A  with designer Anamika Chhawal, gives insight into the creative process behind the label, with a part two coming shortly! 



Who were your fashion staples growing up? And have your icons changed over the years?


Jackie Kennedy, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn – always and forever – have always followed their own style, and these icons haven’t changed for me over the years. Their style is elegant and timeless chic. Zeenat Aman, one of the most bold and beautiful Bollywood actresses of the 70s, has been my style icon.



What are people in Hong Kong wearing on the streets now? Have the hipsters taken over for better or worse?


People in Hong Kong on the streets are seen wearing alot of maxi dresses, long sheer skirts, fish tail skirts/ dresses, shorts, peplum, ripped denims. Hipsters are making a great comeback. So definitely for the better because it might give Hong Kong fashion sense a bit of vibrant feel.



What mainstream artists excite you these days and why?


Blake Lively (Serena Van Der Woodsen) from Gossip Girl – very classy styling, perfect blend of hip, boho, trendy, yet very lady-like. Sonam Kapoor is one the most stylish & creatively dressed actresses in Bollywood.



If you could take one mainstream commercial artist, how would you style him or her?


Nicole Scherzinger  - she has a body to die for, and great hair. It would be an absolute delight to experiment both hip hop as well as classy styles on her. Also, I would like to try Indian contemporary fusion styles on her.



Peacock dress by designer Paulita Peng

Crossover Bollywood dress designed by Paulita Peng




What are the absolute essentials one must have in their wardrobe arsenal?


LBDs, at least one pair of Manolos, Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, A few pieces of statement neckpieces.



What does Hong Kong offer as a fashion capital that other cities such as Paris – London – New York do not?


Hong Kong offers great value fashion – high street prices combined with the latest trends.



How do your other artistic ventures affect your designs?


Art in any form inspires me and I always like to combine different elements from various forms to a wearable canvas of my wardrobe.



Has living in Hong Kong affected your fashion sensibilities?


Yes. The city is very trendy, and almost everyone is quite well turned out. When it comes to being experimental or creative the people tend to shy away. It will be great if Hong Kong could open up to other fashion influences beyond brands, high street style.



Crew Credits:


First image: 

Model: Natasha Sikka

Photographer: Srinivas Rapelli


Second image: 

Designer: Paulita Peng

Model: Anamika Chhawal

Photographer: Deep


Photography courtesy of Crossover Bollywood 



*Triston is a jet-set performance artist, writer and novelist, living between Istanbul, Berlin and now currently in Hong Kong. You can catch up with Triston on Facebook @TristonNegreaux or on Twitter @ Triston212. And you MUST check out his latest e-book “Heaux Confessionals” now available here: http://www.amazon.com/Heaux-Confessionals-The-Sintroduction-ebook/dp/B00BI35DNW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361327683&sr=8-1&keywords=heaux+confessionals . 


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