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Feature: Chat with Claudia Lumor of Ghana’s Glitz Africa Magazine

Glitz Africa Magazine

Glitz Africa Magazine

We profile founder, Claudia Lumor on creating a magazine that serves African fashion and lifestyle.

By: Francesca Andoh

Accra, Ghana

Glitz Africa Fashion magazine is an emerging Ghanaian fashion and lifestyle magazine that is rapidly capturing the hearts of fashion crowds in Ghana and other parts of the world. Claudia Kwarteng Lumor is the CEO/Editor-In-Chief of the magazine. She began her magazine in late 2011 and has since published four  issues in a quarterly basis, with a fifth due out this quarter.



Claudia Kwarteng Lumor

Claudia Kwarteng Lumor



She started the magazine upon her return from London UK, after discovering the huge gap in the market for fashion magazines that begged to be filled. Quitting her job in finance, she launched full-force into the magazine business, conducting one of the most successful fashion weeks of 2012, and is getting ready for an even bigger year this year as news of the success of her first fashion week spread far and wide and attracted a dedicated following to the magazine.


Glitz Africa Magazine

Glitz Africa Magazine


Glitz Africa Magazine

Glitz Africa Magazine



It is a major aim of Glitz Africa fashion magazine to shine the spotlight on deserving African talents, celebrities, taste-makers and emerging designers and brands whose relentless efforts continue to make significant contributions to the fashion industry in Africa. Claudia iterated her vision for the magazine to continue to grow and evolve along with the industry.



Glitz Africa's premiere issue

Glitz Africa Magazine's Premiere Issue



“So far, we’re distributed mainly in Ghana, Nigeria, UK and currently penetrating the South African market. It’s a gradual process but we’re also constantly looking to broaden our scope of African countries to cover in order to truly embody African culture in its entirety and adequately represent the continent”, said Claudia.


As with many new ventures, the challenges are numerous and sometimes discouraging but she advises up-and-coming entrepreneurs to develop the thick skin necessary for success in the industry through originality and knowledge-gathering.

Visit Glitz Africa fashion magazine’s website at www.glitzafrica.com and on Facebook



*Francesca is an art loving, styling obsessed, fashion lover who roams the streets of Ghana always looking for the next fashionable inspiration. Check out her thoughts at www.francescaandoh.blogspot.com 

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