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Feature: Affaires à Suivre from Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis' latest retail offering: Affaire à Suivre

Tunis' latest retail offering: Affaires à Suivre


Where second hand becomes chic and glam.


By: Amel Gaaloul

Tunis, Tunisia



Affaires à Suivre is the name of a clothes and fashion accessories outlet that recently opened in Tunis; fortunately for me just around the corner from my office. Linda Zribi Smaoui, the shop owner, who also happens to be a friend of mine, has here brought the expression “second hand” to a whole new level.


Affaire à Suivre

Affaires à Suivre


Affaires à Suivre (a play on words between “Items to Follow Up” and “To Be Continued” in French) acts as a resale shop. We’re all more or less guilty of packing our wardrobes over the years with gorgeous looking, but terribly uncomfortable shoes, or of buying that fashionably outrageous dress on a whim and then regretting it.


Affaire à Suivre

Affaires à Suivre


Well that’s Linda’s point. For those of us who have finally got to terms with the fact that “No, I will definitely never wear that (again)”, and who want to get rid of those clothes and accessories (of any label but in perfect shape!), Affaires à Suivre is the place. With the help of Artistic Director Michael Zampol on the layout and décor of the shop, and that of Shop Manager Cyrine Belkhiria, Linda has created a cosy and glamorous boutique full of great pieces to suit all tastes.


In the Alexander McQueen blouse

In the Alexander McQueen blouse



Wearing the gorgeous yellow top by Zara

Wearing the gorgeous yellow top by Zara


Here are a few pictures (above) of my first visit to Affaires à Suivre last week. See those two tops I’m proudly posing in: the yellow one is by Zara, and the beige silk one is by Alexander McQueen… I fell for them and bought them. Bargains, promise!


You can visit their Facebook page here : http://www.facebook.com/groups/378457542225367/



Photography by:  Mohamed Amine Kasaa



*British-Tunisian born Amel has lived in Tunis for 5 years, where she works in advertising as well as a freelance editor for www.tunisia-live.net. She loves to wander around Tunis in the search of inspiring places and people that make up the new Tunisian scene. 


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