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City Style Snapshot: Toronto


Panorama of Toronto skyline at dusk

Panorama of Toronto skyline at dusk



Exploring the unique identity of multi-cultural couture. 

By: Marina Radovanovic

Toronto, Canada


Residing in Toronto, Ontario all my life – I grew up with various cultures; my friends, peers and co-workers, and all persons that we encounter in various establishments and on our streets, reminded me of the extraordinary privileges that define this wonderful city. I admired how many of my acquaintances and friends incorporated their own cultural fashion sense into the traditional Canadian attire.


In this metropolitan city of Toronto, Canada and its surroundings – commonly referred to as “GTA” (Greater Toronto Area), the citizens have a myriad of opportunities to experience and savour the delightful, exotic and exclusive customs and dress from many countries which they can learn to make or purchase.


In the second largest country in the world: Canada – where seasons are intense, bold and main contributors to the fashion industry is often coupled with none other than being the most multi-cultural society. Amongst the diverse origins and nationalities; fashion trends and vibes reflect on those two significant reasons, in addition to the usual commercialized trends. It is more likely to envision people whom are comfortably dressed, of course bearing in mind the season, and often wearing an item or two that would indicate or intrigue some to discover the origin of the person’s stylish element. It might be something as simple as a fashion accessory or an entire ensemble. Various creative ideas tend to pop up on our streets of Toronto, and surrounding area which indicate how lucky we are to experience learning of various countries and their cultural dress. We might even incorporate some of those ideas into our own style, and have fun experimenting!


Canada is known to accept and embrace many cultures and offers many festivals and opportunities for its citizens to educate themselves, and to enjoy the diversities that this vast country offers. To list the myriad of fashion ideas that show up on our streets would mean creating a global list of countries.


The marvellous work of Native Canadians/First Nations is brilliantly incorporated into contemporary design. When one borrows some of those ideas; handcrafted items, and adds a little of their own country’s cultural dress/design, suddenly a new look is established! Such are the advantages of living in a society that offers many favourable occasions for trying out new adventurous trends and styles!


Our talented local designers have come up with some exquisite creations for men’s casual wear, and women’s casual/formal wear which became a celebrated hit at the Toronto Alternative Fashion Week show! Aside from our staple – signature theme, and comfort of wearing our favourite hockey jersey paired with great jeans, and in addition to the corporate apparel; there’s so much more that our multi-cultural society contributed, and influenced in terms of our fashion sense, and what is uniquely Canadian!


Photography by Fotolia.com


*Marina is a successful author, a history buff and adores classic literature. This Torontonian relishes in the  exploration of  unchartered fashion routes to discover talent that should be noted by everyone. 

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