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City Style Snapshot: Melbourne


The magical laneways of Melbourne



In the land of Oz, Melbourne Australia, is one of the coolest places for fashion brilliance. 

By: Rebecca Martin
Melbourne, Australia


To most of the world Australia is a far off land, almost mythical in is its natural beauty, moderate climes, relaxed culture and of course strange and deadly wild life.


Melbourne, on the South East coast is not typically Australian by this set of standards. The cultural capital of Australia, Melbourne is a truly diverse and multicultural metropolis boasting world-renowned food, and coffee culture. An incredibly creative city, it has vibrant nightlife and a live music scene to rival the largest capital cities of the world.


Stylistically Melbourne is known for its leanings towards the dark, edgy, and avant-garde, favouring understated, intellectual design. With Sydney as the fashion business capital (home to most of the fashion magazines and to Rosemount Australian Fashion Week) Melbourne is given room to flourish in a more independent, culturally rich environment.


And while black may indeed be the colour of choice for many Melbournians, there is great diversity in what the fashion scene has to offer. With a strong history in casual attire, particularly in surf wear, it’s not surprising that the street wear brands continue to thrive in Australia, and Melbourne does it well. Boutique street wear labels Alpha60 and Perks and Mini enjoy a cult following, and Limedrop and LIFEwithBIRD give a playful, refined perspective to the style.


A Melbournian's stylish stance

A Melbournian's stylish stance


Claude Maus’ dark and edgy aesthetic is quintessentially Melbourne, and intellectual design with an emphasis on fashion practice is embodied in labels Ffixxed and MATERIALBYPRODUCT.


Melbourne is also home to collectives like Captains of Industry, and some of the newest names on the Australian fashion role call: Upper Left Arm, From Britten and DI$COUNT.


So where does one go to see these designers wares in the flesh? Fat and Alice Euphemia in the city centre are the go-to stores for emerging design, but you will also find plenty of fresh talent down many of the cities laneways and at smaller boutiques in inner city suburbs like Carlton, Fitzroy, and Collingwood.


Inside Alice Euphemia

Inside Alice Euphemia boutique



And while the main fashion events are Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, if you’re into fashion that’s a little more challenging, stimulating or strange, it can be found somewhere in Melbourne.


Melbourne  laneway photo – Courtesy of http://www.australiantraveller.com
Melbourne street style photo –  Courtesy of http://streetpeeper.com/
Alice Euphemia photo – Courtesy of http://footpathhumm.com/



*Rebecca is a freelance writer and fashion designer from Melbourne, Australia, currently based in Europe.

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