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City Style Snapshot: Copenhagen


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark



Danish fashion scene boasts stars ready to shine in the fashionable galaxy.


By: Rebecca Martin

Copenhagen, Denmark


Since the 1950’s Denmark has been known for producing world renowned and influential designers of furniture and interiors, bringing Danish design aesthetics to the world. Its fashion designers have often flown under the radar of the international fashion community, but as the Danish fashion industry grows, so does the number of Danes gaining recognition from beyond their shores.


Noir, Stine Goya and Wood Wood are amongst the Danish rising stars, receiving growing international attention. Others like Staerk and Bruuns Bazaar represent the more established and internationally known brands, while Henrik Vibskov remains the jewel in the Danish fashion crown, his eccentric avant-garde designs enjoying a cult following and stockists from New York to Japan.


As the countries capital Copenhagen is the heart of Denmarks’ small but vibrant fashion industry and is home to the majority of Danish fashion brands. Every February and August it is host to Copenhagen Fashion Week, which since 2005 has been run by the Danish Fashion Institute. Over three days, the event showcases established and emerging fashion talent from Denmark and Northern Europe.


Danish design is known for its modern take on functional simplicity. While this aesthetic can be seen as the core, the staple of Danish fashion, diversity can be seen in how this manifests in the varying aesthetics of their designers and in the style of the locals.


Living in Copenhagen it’s easy to see why function is at the core of the Danish design sensibility. Firstly Copenhagen is a bike city, and instead of this equating to a nation clad in lycra, we can thank Danish designers for their skill in combining style and practicality. Secondly, blame it on the weather. Denmark is known for its grey skies, wind, rain and snow, and the locals are professionals in layering, with every conceivable type and combination of raincoat, poncho, cape, legwarmer, glove, mitten and scarf wearing. If I’m to survive the European winter, I have a lot to learn from the Danes.



Rebecca  is an enthusiast fashion hunter and global traveller. This freelance writer and fashion designer is from Melbourne Australia and now freshly planted in Europe.









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