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City Style Snapshot: Cairo

The cityscape of Cairo Egypt

View of Cairo


A New Fashionable Cairo

By: Menna Mourad

Cairo, Egypt.


Googling “Egyptian fashion” will result in pictures of models dressed in “Ancient Egyptian” inspired wardrobe or just actual historical photos of Ancient Egyptians [full stop].


However, I believe that this image will change in the next few years with the coming-of-age of the young Egyptian fashion designer who is more than ready for their big break, by showcasing their local designs to the world.


It has been a long way since what the “official” Egyptian fashion designers produced in the past — it was something short of an abomination; something that tried to be western but failed miserably because — at the end of the day — cultures differ and so do the needs of each society.


The designs are different, the colors are different and the clothes are looser.


The designers are now authenticating their designs using local fabrics with local designs. They imbue their creations with the culture that is Egyptian and Arab.


These creations are inspired by the “Khayameya” — the craft of making Bedouin Egyptian tents, the rural “Ouya” scarf, “Arabic Calligraphy”, “Fatima’s hand” or “Khamsa” that protects from the evils of the envious eye.


Fuchsia, yellow, red, electric blue, grass green are the colors used reflecting a culture that embraces joy.


Along with the Arab Spring, there is an undeniable wave of national pride and a desire to be truly and completely Egyptian — and still be fashionable.


It’s not impossible, according to the independent fashion designer.


They’re doing it and they’re creating a new and fashionable Cairo.


Photo credit: Fotolia.com 


*Menna Mourad is an enthusiast fashion hunter, who loves discovering the latest styles of her home city, Cairo. With an ear to the ground and an eye on the sky, she relishes being Egyptian, especially today. 

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