Global Designer Spotlight: Jerusalem’s Daniella Faye Designs

Beautiful hair accessories from Daniella Faye Designs

  An young upstart has creative stylings for the Israeli woman.    By: Lauren Sirt Jerusalem, Israel     It is rare to find people that from a young age embody such extraordinary talent that they are truly able to transform their dreams into reality. Daniella Farin is one of those people. Her accessory line...

Global Designer Spotlight: Mo Saique from Accra, Ghana

Mo Saique

    Life’s a promenade with these fab shoes!    By: Francesca Andoh Accra, Ghana   With big-name fashion brands saturating our markets in recent times, it is often a nice breath of fresh air to come across new brands every once-in-a-while, that are capable of delivering equally stylish and quality products to their consumers....

Global Designer Spotlight: Johannesburg’s Black Coffee

Black Coffee at South Africa Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013

      Black Coffee percolates at South Africa Fashion Week.    By: Hina P. Ansari   Born in Pretoria, designer Jacques van der Watt grew up in Uitenhage, a small town in Eastern Cape. He moved to Johannesburg to study fashion. In 1998 he launched his designer label, Black Coffee and presented...

Global Designer Spotlight: Montreal’s Coccolily


    One-on-one chat with Naana Tennachie Yanke designer and founder of Coccolily.    By Amanpreet Dhami Toronto, Canada   I sat down with Montreal-based designer and creator of the Coccolily fashion brand, Naana Tennachie Yankey and got to speak to her about how her recent trip to Ghana Fashion & Design Week...

Global Designer Spotlight: Johannesburg’s Clive Rundle

Clive Rundle's Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection at South Africa Fashion Week

      This fashion stalwart gives a tailor-made peek into his fashion perspective.   By: Hina P. Ansari   Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Johannesburg, the always electrifying womenswear designer Clive Rundle sets alight whatever ramp his models grace. One of the most revered designers of the South African fashion scene,...

Global Designer Spotlight: Durban’s Bianca Warren

Bianca Warren Autumn/Winter 2013 at South Africa Fashion Week

      This young designer shows us how the world can really be her oyster.    By: Hina P. Ansari   We recently showcased Bianca Warren as she presented the Autumn/Winter 2013 collections at South Africa Fashion Week. She was one of our favourites and of course when presented with...

Global Designer Spotlight: Sydney

In Mandy Heng

  The go-to designer for Oz’s notables, Mandy Heng.  By: Triston Berlin, Germany   Collaborating with an impressive artistic team of talent, photographer Thomas Wawrzyniak shot French model Claudia Carmen Carpentier in Sydney during her extended stay Down Under, as well as Sydney based models Natalie Bowden and Roni Holt. All models wore clothes by...

Global Designer Spotlight: Recycle Runway from New Mexico

Recycle Runway Collection's Junk Mail Fan Dress (left) and Eco-Flamenco Dress (right)

      Multitasking designer from New Mexico brings recycle into haute couture.   By: Deniss Zelenkov Riga, Latvia   She is a public artist, an environmental educator, professional motivational speaker, and above all, fashion designer Nancy Judd (New Mexico) who strives to change the way we live on the earth through eco-couture fashion designs...

Global Designer Spotlight: Berlin

Jasmine the Strange

        Jasmin the Strange tops it all off with style.  By: Triston Berlin, Germany   Jasmin Reuter has a head for fashion. Literally. As a hat designer, Jasmin’s creations are all unique, made with exceptional skill, care, and love. If you are in one of her designs — brilliantly called

Global Designer Spotlight: Accra

Great men's sandals from the Gold Coast Collection

    MSimps Collection a shining example at how creativity can fashion itself into success.    By: Francesca Andoh Accra, Ghana     Mabel Simpson is the founder and creative director behind the budding young brand, mSimps. A tomboy at heart growing up, Mabel took to the art scene at quite an early...

Global Designer Spotlight: Vilnius

Severija's applies her talents to a car door

    Embroidery Boom!    By: Deniss Zelenkov Riga Latvia       Lithuanian artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene  blows our mind with “ethnic kitsch” and introduces her textile version of peculiar “tuning“ as unconventional yet functional design.   Severija’s works mostly involve cross-stitching and embroidery on metal objects (can you imagine?) from plates, pans,...

Global Designer Spotlight: Valencia

Glenda-X-Nick Tie Clip

    Mystical Jewels — add some magic to your look with Spanish jewellery designer Glenda Lopez’s new collection.     By: Sophie Lloyd Buenos Aires, Argentina     Córdoba-born  Glenda Lopez started making jewellery from an early age. Her edgy, contemporary collections are built around themes and stories and experiment with different...

Global Designer Spotlight: Accra

AjePomaa Design Gallery

          The vibrancy of youth stays strong with Ghana’s AjePomaa Design Gallery.    By: Francesca Andoh Accra, Ghana     AjePomaa Design Gallery is a contemporary women’s apparel brand that is fast becoming a favourite in Ghanaian fashion. The brand comprises a variety of intricate designs with a youthful...

Global Designer Spotlight: Berlin

Designer Eric Farr II

      The Current State of Fashion. By: Triston Berlin, Germany     Fresh off the heels of yet another stellar Fashion Week in Berlin, my mission was to find some of Berlin’s top up and coming designers to find out what’s hot on the streets of the world’s most IT city, as well...

Global Designer Spotlight: Mahayatra from Toronto, Canada

MAHAYATRA's Riksha Weave Scarf

      MAHAYATRA’s main mantra is to re-ignite the menswear accessories space with timeless tradition.    By: Marina Radovanovic Toronto, Canada   Bringing attention to menswear and accessories is becoming increasingly important. The focus on fashion and design generally dominates female needs, but South Asian-Canadian designer, Neelesh Mistry found a way to begin his introduction...