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On the streets of…Beirut, Lebanon

Topshop Gets Lebanese Treatment 


Fashionista: Christina / Graphic Design major


Location: Beirut, Lebanon


Secret: Topshop isn’t a brand — it’s an obsession. Her entire wardrobe is comprised of Topshop Items, including this fabulous boho-chic dress.


Breakdown: Her integral fashion plus is accessorizing. Since her dress takes on a simple palette of two colors, she went big with the jewels. It’s not so surprising then, that this Lebanese has a hobby of jewelry-making and is currently a graphic design major in design in Beirut.



By: Bana Bissat


*When Bana isn’t hitting the books at the American University of Beirut, she is always seen with her handy Canon looking to capture unique styles, on the streets of Beirut. You can read her thoughts at http://bananapook.blogspot.com.

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