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Global Street Style Special: Sydney’s Prom Scene!


    Our Sydney correspondent shares with us her friends’ cool stylings from The Formal!   By: Aditi Rajgopal Sydney, Australia     Prom, Debutante’s Ball, The Deb, Ball, Formal or, if you are from Germany, Abifeier. Wherever you are from you’ve probably heard about the this exciting event where girls and boys from High...

Global Designer Spotlight: Sydney

Kim's cool jellyfish-inspired dress

    We profile 12th grader designer-to-be, Kim Pena. By: Aditi Rajgopal Sydney, Australia   She’s  jelly fishing our socks off! Kim isn’t your average 12th grader. She’s an amazing textiles student, who designed jellyfish-inspired dresses. We sit down and chat with this future design diva.   What inspired you to design your dress?...

On the streets of…Sydney, Australia

Ashleigh Larkham

    Sparkle ‘n’ Shine     The Fashionista: Ashleigh Larkham   Occupation: Local Netball player/ Part-time model   Location: Sydney, Australia   Secret: Shh..We know her secret!: The fun and loving Ashleigh has a sense of style running through her blood! Ashleigh and her equally amazing twin love spending time togethershopping or at  local...

On the streets of…Sydney, Australia


      Valentine’s Day is the day of love, and we’re loving these outfits!   Fashionista: Katrina /Student   Location: Sydney, Australia   Secret: Less is more! Katrina is a blonde beauty, with amazing features to show off! She says, “simplicity is way to go”!   Breakdown: Katrina is in school and when she...