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Feature: A vegan’s love for vintage!


How does a vegan do fashion? We explore with Mika! 


By: Isabella Lok

Hong Kong


One of my fellow globetrotters; college, poet and model. The list doesn’t stop here for my dear friend Mika Meiri. She’s smart, multi-talented, pretty; not just on the outside but inside as well. Opposed to animal torture, Mika has been a vegetarian since 4 and has recently become a vegan. However, her conscience for the environment extends beyond her dinner plate. What do I mean by this? Let’s meet Mika.


Mika in Audrey Hepburn/Roman Holiday vibe

Mika in Audrey Hepburn/Roman Holiday vibe


Looks like designer brands doesn’t it? Well you guessed wrong. None of them are — in fact barely any of these pieces come from boutiques.



So how does Mika put these outfits together and look like she stepped off the cover of Vogue or Elle without breaking a collage student’s hip-pocket? Well, it takes more than a gorgeous body to pull these off — the main essence is that you need a gorgeous heart.


Mika’s style is based on esthetics and principles. “I care about where and how my clothing is produced” says Mika. Saying an absolute ‘”no-no” to sweatshops, she avoids shopping at most chain stores.


Call this the vegan of fashion?


Dancing around town in my favourite red coat!

Dancing around town in my favourite red coat!


Most of Mika’s clothes come from vintage stores, thrift shops and clothes swaps and ends up with a unique and varied wardrobe which is great for being a model.  So what better way to save money and embrace your personal unique style?  It’s shooting two birds with one stone….oops not very vegan.. so how about two styles with one dress!


To all fashionistas, the beauty of fashion does not just come from the fabric, it unravels from inside!



Photography by:  Antonis Photography (Audrey Hepburn vibe);  Steve Antonelli for UNICEF (white); Blaine Dixon (red coat) 

Model:  Mika Meiri, San Francisco




*Isabella was born in the megatropolis of Hong Kong and grew up in cozy little Adelaide, Australia. She’s a self-styled globetrotter, having just spent 2010-2011 traveling around the world; studying French in France, summer camp in USA, as well as having been to Dubai, Morocco and Brazil. Currently she returned to her hometown as a freelancer. There is nothing more that she loves than clothes. She believes it should be effortlessly beautiful. 






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